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Art and Science:

Ways of Knowing the Sonoran Desert
Instructor: Dr. Lee Ann Woolery

In this class, you will engage in multimodal learning while investigating the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert, and practicing art and western science research methods (STEAM). We will look at how historically, humans have translated their local ecological knowledge-the place-based stories of the flora and fauna-through a visual language. Foundational to the class, you will learn Art-Based Perceptual Ecology (ABPE) research methods taught by ABPE pioneer, Dr. Lee Ann Woolery, ecologist and artist.

Choose from two sites: a 5-week class starts June 1 at Desert Discovery Center, Tucson Mountain Park where you walk among 100 year-old saguaro cactus ($285); or a 3-week class starts June 13 at Historic Canoa Ranch ($180) where you walk through thick mesquite bosque and along dry desert washes. Adults. No art or science background necessary. Materials fee payable to instructor at first class- $15 (5-wk class) $10 (3-week course) or bring your own materials.

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 Engage your senses. BREATHE, LISTEN, TOUCH.

Engage your creativity.  DRAW, PAINT, WRITE.

*Art making is a means of knowing the world through the process of picturing.*

Class Code      Location        Dates                          Time                               Fee
8938                   DDC               Sat 6/1-6/29           8:30-11:30 am         $285 - 5-week class
8939                   CR                   Thu 6/13-6/27       8:30-11:30 am         $180 - 3-week class