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Art As a Way of Knowing the Sonoran Desert

Engage your senses - Breathe,Listen,Touch,Observe- while walking among 100 year-old saguaros at Desert Discovery Center,  or mesquite bosque at Canoa Ranch or riparian areas at Cienega Creek Natural Preserve.

Engage your creativity - Draw, Paint and Write the desert’s story in this mini-course with guided instruction in Art-Based Perceptual Ecology methods taught by ABPE pioneer, Dr. Lee Ann Woolery, ecologist and artist. Learn about the flora and fauna in this unique desert biome and how to translate these place stories to a visual language using multiple art mediums. No art experience necessary. Chose this class as a 5-week class or 3-week class. New material is introduced each week. Or choose a 1/2 day workshop. Materials fee payable at first class- $15 (5-wk class) $10 (3-wk class or ½ day workshop) or bring your own materials.

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