6-week on-line course 

'Introduction to Citizen Artist'

starts October 18th & 19th 

Registration Open

Citizen Artist, a participatory science research platform employs alternative, art-based research methodologies, empowering citizens who might not otherwise participate in scientific field research to get involved, with the potential of positively transforming our current environmental problems.​ To be contacted:  Click Here

Citizen Artist™ In-person Workshop - Sunday, October 16, 2022

'Art-based Environmental Education'  

If you are attending the NAAEE conference in Tucson, AZ, you will want to attend this workshop.

More details HERE.  Registration Now Open HERE. 


EcoArt Expeditions and Citizen Artist

Adventure - Education - Research - Art

Let's Go Outside!

Learn about your local ecology through place-based, embodied and sensory exploration.  

Experience art as a way of knowing. Gain appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment.

Work in the field alongside naturalist, researcher, educator and artist,  Dr. Lee Ann Woolery to increase your depth of knowledge and understanding of the natural world. She will teach you 'other ways of knowing' ecological systems.  Learn how to read the land’s gestures, codes and signs by developing skills in keen sensory observation. And learn how to translate your experience to a visual language.  Dr. Woolery promises you will gain the ability to slow down; pay attention to detail; engage in your senses beyond sight; get out of your head and into your sentient body; and truly experience the natural world - perhaps for the first time.

​​                                ​ New Partnership – Citizen Artist™ and Ecological Society of America  
                              We are very excited to announce . . .   

                         ESA’s Newest Approved Scientific Content Provider is Citizen Artist
                              If you are an ESA certified ecologist seeking CEU’s, you can now earn 2.25 CEU’s by completing 
                              the 6-week online course ‘
Introduction to Citizen Artist™ and Art-Based Research Methods’. 
                              For more information on the 
ESA Ecologist Certification Program.

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