Explore some of the wildest, most beautiful, most biologically diverse landscapes in the world.


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Registration starts April 2nd.

"Art As a Way of Knowing the Sonoran Desert"

"Forest Bathing Among Giant Saguaros"

"Art & Science: Ways of Knowing the Sonoran Desert"

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  • Spend time in nature.
  • Create meaningful work.
  • Experience a deeper level of awareness.

Gain hands-on experience in  Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research methods in collaboration with Western science methods.

Participate in scientific field expeditions  mapping biodiversity. Contribute to the greater body of scientific knowledge.


EcoArt Expeditions

From across the globe or in your own backyard.  

Adventure - Education - Art

Join in this exciting opportunity to learn Art-Based Perceptual Ecology methods and work alongside interdisciplinary researcher, scholar, educator, and artist -

Dr. Lee Ann Woolery