​​​If you are interested in an in-depth, focused, and one-on-one engagement to learn Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research methodologies and explore their application to your area of study, then the 9-month ​Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program will

be a good fit for you. In this hybrid and intensive 9-month program, study alongside Dr. Lee Ann Woolery, who pioneered

Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research methodologies, a transdisciplinary approach to conducting field-based ecological research.

This is primarily a virtual apprenticeship with monthly meetings. However, there is opportunity for an in-person study.

The Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program follows a rolling start date to coincide with your scheduling needs. It is highly recommended that you complete one of the Citizen Artistcourses or trainings first before starting the Apprenticeship Program. However, we do make exceptions if you have previous experience in the natural sciences. There is no need for art experience or art background to participate in the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program. Send your questions and contact information to Dr. Woolery here: Contact Form.  For more details on the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program

Her career choice in the international environmental/humanitarian field has brought her to work with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Equipe Cousteau, PERSGA (The Regional Organization For the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden), and ArabEnv, with a focus on environmental and social sustainability projects. She comes to the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program with a formal art background, studying classical painting and drawing in France and NYC. She brings her aesthetic sensitivity to everything she does, and a desire to improve the current conditions of the planet. She completed the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program in October 2022.

Citizen Artist Apprentice Profiles 

Sara  is an educator and writer located in northern California. She earned an MA in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University and is currently finishing her PhD in Sustainability Education at Prescott College. Her doctoral research used Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research methodologies to explore education through a More-than-Human lens. Sara comes to the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program with over a decade of experience in public elementary education with a passion for creating transformational sustainability education experiences and materials. She sees ABPE methodologies as tools that inspire learning and creativity through an embodied practice, engaging the researcher/learner in conversation with the landscape and as a witness to the land’s wisdom. 

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The Citizen Artist Apprenticeship Program

Lauren is applying her new knowledge of the Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research methodologies to her studies in sustainability and the interconnectedness of humans and nature. Lauren is a global Citizen Artist based in Paris. She just completed a graduate certificate in 'Sustainability and Resilience Education’ through the University of Hawaii. Lauren is currently employed by the Forest Commons programme of Biomimicry Europa, where she serves as Director of New Initiatives (linking art, education and ecological engagement) and manages a reforestation and sustainable livelihoods project with marginalized Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Sara’s love for being outdoors, writing, various arts (especially music and photography), and connection with the More-than-Human world led her to study Art-Based Perceptual Ecology with Dr. Woolery. Sara completed the Citizen Artist™ Apprenticeship Program in the summer of 2023.