About -- Dr. Lee Ann Woolery

With a focus on divergent ways of knowing, Dr. Lee Ann Woolery pioneered Art-Based Perceptual Ecology, (ABPE) a unique interdisciplinary approach for conducting ecological field research.  Dr. Woolery holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England. Her field study in Desert Ecology was conducted in the Sonoran Desert in both Arizona and Mexico. Dr. Woolery’s dissertation: Art-based perceptual ecology as a way of knowing the language of place, can be purchased by contacting her at dr.woolery AT ecoartexpeditions.com

A current CV can be found here:

Research in the Sonoran Desert
Dr. Woolery conducts biodiversity inventories in the Sonoran Desert that include walking and visually documenting the terrestrial plants through a line transect study and multiple Art-Based Perceptual Ecology research protocols such as the shadow drawing protocol, an ABPE method that communicates a visual narrative of the land’s story
through patterns.

"My work is grounded in a desire to find ways that people can come to know the changes in our environment that do not solely rely on the Western scientific paradigm but collaborate in tandem with science. Art and science can complement one another in the service of biospheric change and environmental sustainability through a pluralistic discourse, which may generate new questions and make available new solutions to environmental issues." (Woolery, 2002).

Dr. Woolery, seen here conducting plant biodiversity research in the Sonoran Desert in SE Arizona.  Teaching a young person  'shadow drawing' an ABPE research method used to study biodiversity.

Current Happenings - 2021 

Introduction to: Citizen Artist and Art-Based Research Methods 
5 - Week On-line Course
June 15 – July 13, 2021  

Taught by Dr. Lee Ann Woolery

More Information and Registration here. Register Here 

Learn alternative field research methods applicable to creating solutions to our most pressing environmental issues. How to bring diversity and inclusion to participatory science research projects using this interdisciplinary approach. Includes synchronous, asynchronous and experiential learning platforms.

ICCB Conference (virtual or in-person TBD)

​December 12-16, Kigali, Rwanda

Symposia ID # 42: Using everything in our community science toolbox for conservation of aquatic ecosystems: Management, research, arts, and education.
Presentation Title: Citizen Artist™ a new community science research opportunity focused on freshwater river ecosystems. 

Registration: Information TBA

Past Happenings - 2021

​Cit Sci Virtual.  Sponsored by: CitizenScience.org
Workshop: Citizen Artist™ a new participatory science research opportunity. 
May 4 and May 11 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (GMT-7)
This virtual workshop will discuss two Citizen Artist™  protocols and will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning platforms stretched over a 2-week time frame.

Santa Cruz River Research Days Symposium
Sponsored by: The Sonoran Institute, Tucson, AZ
March 25, 2021 - presentation at 2:00 pm (MST)
Virtual Presentation: Citizen Artist™ a new participatory science research opportunity to study the Santa Cruz River


Dr. Woolery is proud to work with GALS- Girls on outdoor Adventure for Leadership and Science, a free science program for high school girls in Arizona that integrates outdoor education with place-based science learning. GALS brings young women into the back country to increase science proficiency by engaging participants as scientists. Dr. Woolery engaged with a group of young women, GALS participants in a field-based science research workshop using Art-Based Perceptual Ecology protocols to study environmental change. 

Dr. Woolery is a member of the Ecoartnetwork, over 200 invitational members located internationally, who practice, teach, write, and research at the intersection of art and science, and address global ecological concerns.

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