EcoArt Expeditions

Working at the intersection of art and science, from
across the globe or in your own backyard.  



Check back soon for more details on presentations for 2019.

FLORA - group exhibition
June 4 through August 29, 2019
Tucson International Airport - Upper Link Gallery, Tucson, AZ

None scheduled at this time.


New classes and workshops starting in May!

Registration starts April 2nd.

Held at Pima County Natural Resource sites and parks, including -

Desert Discovery Center, Canoa Ranch and Cienega Creek Natural Preserve. 

To REGISTER click here:Pima County-Activitiesand search by instructor

- Lee Ann Woolery or by class name.

Classes include:

-Art As a Way of Knowing the Sonoran Desert

-Forest Bathing Among Giant Saguaros

-Art and Science: Ways of Knowing the Sonoran Desert.

For more information click here:  Workshops


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